Research & analysis

Define strategy and valuation to optimise the sale of residential property.

Fundamental to the success of a sale of property, our team of specialists do a thorough valuation of the property, in the best interests of the customer.

This valuation is an integral part of our overall strategy for the sale of the entire building or sale flat-by-flat, incorporating the impact of any prevailing legislation.

To have the optimal market value of a property, our appraisal includes all legal, technical, economic, technological and pathological aspects of the building. These market values are systematically reviewed by the Property Sales Departments of local FONCIA branches, to ensure all relevant local factors are taken into account.

Having the required qualifications and accreditations (French institute for the study of economics and law applied to construction and housing, French centre for the study of law, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors), we are also able to perform aluations within the framework of legal or tax appraisals :