Flat-by-flat sale

Optimal management of a complex process

Flat-by-flat sales require a perfect command of both the commercial and legal aspects involved (lawof 31 december 1975, Aurillac law : agreements of 16 March 2005, etc...).
Throughout the process, FONCIA Valorisation liaises with you, the tenants and investors. Our departments take charge of the :

Optimise the sale of occupied flats

Strengthened by the expertise of the FONCIA group in the area of rental property management and sales to private investors, FONCIA Valorisation applies optimal tax and financial strategies, to accelerate the sale of occupied flats.

Drawing on FONCIA's network of local branches, we can also take charge of the sale of dispersed, occupied flats, at national level.

FONCIA Valorisation is thus the seller's single point of contact for valuations, assignment of commissions and reporting.